Eximtur Business Bucharest

S.C. Eximtur S.R.L.
Interior Design
160 m²

Featured project in Wall Street Journal:


Following a successful collaboration with EXIMTUR on a previous design project for the Cluj-Napoca offices, HaaK Studio was commissioned to design the newly acquired office space in Bucharest, on Armand Călinescu Street.

The design concept was built upon several constraints that had to be balanced in order to achieve an integrated solution.

On one hand, we had to leverage the advantages of a naturally lit space in organizing the work area in relation to the curtain glass wall. As a result the open space was structured in such a manner that the light would touch the inner working areas also. We used two furnishing typologies made possible through the flexibility of Steelcase products: individual working areas in direct relation to the facade and a collective area with a compact bench in the middle of the space.

Another important issue was to ensure in this open space, private areas with a multifunctional role that would host meetings or working groups and a private office.The glass cube ensures just that, a closed space that is well lit while maintaining a certain level of transparency.

The break room is the kitchenette area where the bar was designed in relation to an existing window in order to ensure light and perspective for the employees.

From the branding standpoint, the brief established that this office space would function as an interface with the corporate sector, hence the EXIMTUR BUSINESS service logo was adopted.

In order to ensure the identity of the space several graphical maps were specially designed that reflect the activity and the special designation of this travel company. There is a country map made with natural urban lichens and a led backlit world map made off glass.

The mixture of materials, textures and colors used in the project reflect the identity of this traveling company in a modern, contemporary manner.

As a result EXIMTUR BUSINESS now has a functional, comfortable and efficient working place.