Interior Design
72 m²

Architectural program:

Dwelling – interior design

Projects Brief:

The brief consisted of the integral and minimalistic interior design of the housing unit starting from the semi-finished stage where it was brought by the developer.

The location of the apartment is in a residential complex with mixed dwelling and trade functions located near the historical center.

The useful floor area of the 2 bedroom apartment of  72 sqm imposed a parsimonious approach with small functional interventions to optimize the harmonious relations of living. These interventions can be traced to the technical plans with the existing and proposed situation.

Project Concept:

The spatial delimitation of living functional volumes was the first plan for this arrangement. It is possible to follow in the project the differentiated approach of the volumes that delimit the bedrooms, the sanitary group and the living room.

The materials and textures used in this case to distinguish the volumes of veneered wood panels, sound wool-based felt panels and dyeing finishes had a decisive role in building the identity of this typical minimalist habitation.

The dialog of volumes that define the functional areas can be clearly seen in the technical parts of the project but especially in the final photos.


Custom furniture has been designed to maximize the existing minimal space, occupying the niches in which it was designed, and was subordinate to the minimalist concept of the spatial volume work project.

At the level of the installations, the sanitary, thermal and electrical installations have been redesigned so that they meet the requirements of the contemporary living and the concept of the project.


The general impression of the owners at the end is a coherent structured space that does not betray the small area in which the intervention was made.

A contemporary insertion with a minimalistic identity in an urban living space.


S.C. Europrofil S.R.L. – general constructor

S.C AB Concret S.R.L – custom made furniture

S.C. Scandinavian Design House S.R.L. – catalog furniture

S.C. Ramart S.R.L. – textiles

S.C. Manolo Manufaktura S.R.L. – custom floor finishing