Ground Floor Plan
First Floor Plan
Attic Plan
170 m²


In the southern city of Cluj-Napoca, in an newly developed urban area is located a parcel that is prepared for the individual residential program.
The theme of this project was the development of an individual housing for a young family, whose major request was a strong relationship with the natural environment – specifically with green elements and an appropriate natural lighting.

Besides the efficient integration of the house with the natural slope of the terrain the concept developed around the volumetric fragmentation of the spaces in order to bring them at the human scale and the architectural insertion of the green elements.
The terrain has a slight slope in its longitudinal section, translated by a difference of three meters that we decided to exploit by terracing into two flat areas, one for the facade garden and the other for the main garden .
The resultant steep slope is used to access the house by means of a stair designed on the natural terrain and a  terraced area with the intent to use this space for decorative and aromatic plant cultivation directly related to the kitchen and dinning area. The loggia designed in the attic provides a space with a green pergola that protects users from direct sunlight.
The windows are marked with metal frames with dual-function: to control direct sunlight and as planter boxes. The semi-basement is used for the garage, workshop, vertical access and other technical areas. The ground floor opens to the natural terrain with its fluid arrangement of functions and the attic contains two modules for areas of work and bedroom. They open towards the protected loggia.

The predominantly natural materials are used in a balanced collage: built bricks, wooden cladding, exposed concrete consoles, flat sheet folding, and green insertions.

The atmosphere created is intended to transpose users in a direct relationship with the main features that define individual housing: different typologies of gardens, good natural lighting and a harmonious relationship of the individual with the housing’s scale.