Sculptural Kinetic Artwork

The Creation of Man

MOVEMENT Art Competition
Public Artwork
1st Prize Winner
5x5x5 m
artist / designer Ilarie PINTEA & arch. Andrei KISS
arch. Andreea KISS-Horvath


The Creation of Man is a sculpture about the Genesis of Life.

The sculptural composition is a gradual development in Time and Space, from simple to complex elements as they appear as a physical manifestation of a creative force.

The composition captures multiple stages or instances of a body of work and thus promotes the abstract image of an ongoing laboratory in which the captured reality transmits the image of a process, not of a final. The process as a genesis, a timeless theme, underlays the foundation of the proposed sculptural work and anchors itself in classical artistic references as Albert Dürer’s drawing Adam and Eve and Constantin Brâncuși’s body of work : “I […] come from something that is very old.”

The truth, the essence of things that underlie the creation of life has no need for present, past or future. Its value and contemporaneity is timeless and cannot be denied as a cultural value.

Given this cultural background, the harmony of the polarities should be emphasized, as generative forces rather than resulting divergences. Difference is central to the genesis of life and The Creation of Man – thats why the sculptural work promotes the masculine / feminine dialogue as a starting point.

Simple geometries construct and give birth to the masculine and feminine silhouettes in a gradual, unfolding process that fulminates with an alive, kinetic body.

Being proposed in an area with dynamic fields, the sculpture feeds on it’s context celebrating creation through motion.

The Creation of Man starts from still, lifeless atoms that interact to achieve whole bodies full of life through motion.

Movement as Passage or Path, Becoming or Unfolding and the fact that the Central Element is in motion, spinning, presenting itself in space through time – is the definition of life in circles and spirals.

We participated in this calling not only with images but also with a story that is about us, as people, and we hope will be understood and assimilated by the community for which was thought and felt.

The materials used, concrete, cor-ten steel and andesite make sense in the existing urban context which is already made out of concrete and steel and this context speaks about the presence of flows – kinetics. The functional nature of the existing materials in the real site is being pushed towards sculptural aesthetics as a cultural function of our lives.

The inner structure of the metal body, or the structural skeleton, is achieved by using a central vertical structural element and inner horizontal planes that connect through welding to the vertical planes of the body.


The creation of man – renderings  Gallery